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ElliptiGo Preston ….

2013 a running friend was injured but continued to train using this funny bike with comment “telling you it’s like running but with no impact it does not give aggravation to my Achilles or PLATIFUITUSES so in some ways keeping me ruining and my endurance up, I can also do a mega hard long training run with it and next day legs don’t feel pavement pounded, have a go” needless to say I had a go, and soon after made enquiries about getting one at the time there was no one in Preston area.

I found it so easy to use and liked the ElliptiGo I soon got hooked also becoming the local dealer for ElliptiGo then became the ElliptiGo Service Center as well as I found them such a great thing to ride and play on also seemingly so much safer to ride on the road to a conventional bike been higher and little different motorists give way to you.

I later in 2014 doing a major marathon event (10 marathons in 10 days) I got a back injury which became so bad I could not walk never mind even attempting running so had to pull out of the event.

After 5 to 8 weeks I was able to walk still with pain but with doing nothing it was driving me up the wall, Er Indoors allowed me to go for short ride to shut me up but if I felt bad or anything to stop and ring to be collected also if next day I was laid up don’t ask for sympathy, I set off for short ride to test myself and the ElliptiGo with an injury, after half hour the feeling FREEDOM just been able to get out in fresh air feeling sun and wind upon me, the previous 8 weeks tension drained from me also the realisation that I could actual ride it with less pain than walking, needless to say the short ride turned into a longer ride, the following day I had no additional pain from my back but the feeling of been let out was such a relief, from that point I started to go out at first a few times a week build core strength back up keeping me off my feet continually building distance and strength back up to the point of entering distance cycle events.

In March 2015 I entered Wrexham Marathon unknown to all my friends and family at the time, as I was unsure myself if I was up to the distance, I wanted to test myself also did the ElliptiGo live up to all written on the tin (training to run on a bike with no impact or to keep trainings  alleviate an injury) as to that point from May 2014 to March 2015 I had done no real long training runs just once a week my local 4 mile run, the only exceptions was for one half marathon fell race October 2014 where I was there to guide and assisted a friend round also a few 10 miles just before the marathon to giving my feet pavement miles..

Wrexham was as far from my quickest as my slowest marathon, but sense of achievement it was one of my better, at the start I set out steady not been drawn into a fast pace of runners around me, then at the half point I then just fraternity stated to work a little harder with relief I was half way, as at this point I now was in some ways in the unknown due to not running any further since injury to how my back or legs would hold out after all my training was done on my ElliptiGo, as I passed my girlfriend at the 20 mile mark which she had not anticipated Seeing me for at least another half hour to the shout from me “ yah Rock and Roll this was in the bag at 15 now you best be quick to the finish as I am on for it ..” the last mile in any marathon is hard for all there especially when it’s a uphill slog, for me I was struggling like all the others muscles screening please stop but I still had energy to push on overtaking the odd person while having the biggest smile a runner could have at 26 miles due to satisfaction of been able to run it.

Yes the ElliptiGo lives up to what is written on the tin and instruction packet in Shane’s experience.