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Get your fun cardio workout without the jarring impact of running or the discomfort of traditional cycling.

The 3C is the perfect fitness solution for everyday fitness enthusiasts or cross-training athletes who will ride on relatively flat terrain .

Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and cross-training runners with access to flat courses.

3 gears for easy gear selection on mild inclines and flat terrain

Full-body, weight-bearing exercise gets your heart rate up without impact

Fun, comfortable, and easy to ride while delivering an incredible workout




   3-speed Sturmey Archer hub enables sprints up to 25 mph and gearing to handle mild hills

   Patented Ellipti-drive system provides for a comfortable, fun and low-impact ride.

   Patented adjustable stride length enables riders of all sizes to share the same ElliptiGO

Standard bicycle brakes, shifter, and grips provide a familiar set of controls.

It's like running on air! Get a cardio workout without the jarring impact of running or being stuck in the gym.

Whether you're looking for a serious workout or just want to enjoy comfortable and fun outdoor exercise, the ElliptiGO is the perfect tool. You can cruise along the beach path, cross-train for a 10K, or get in an intense workout in your neighborhood. The 3C is the most cost-effective way to enjoy the ElliptiGO experience and get the benefits of low-impact exercise outdoors.