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What's wrong with the conventional bicycle?

There's nothing wrong with the bicycle. It's a great vehicle. In fact, ElliptiGo company staff have spent a lot of time on a bicycle. The two founders are former Ironman triathletes (a race that includes a 112-mile bicycling portion) other employees include former professional road and track bike racers and competitive triathletes. ElliptiGo are not trying to re-create or change the bicycle. In fact, what they have created isn't actually a bicycle - it's a pedal-driven scooter. If it were at all easy to say "elliptical pedal-driven scooter" we'd call it that, they simply chosen the term "bicycle" out of convenience, but the first to admit that the ElliptiGO is not a bicycle. The goal is to re-create the feeling of running outdoors without subjecting the rider to the impact they'd get from pounding the pavement. As any runner will tell you, bicycles don't do that for a number of reasons.

First, the overall cycling experience is different from the running experience. Cyclists ride seated with their upper torso leaning forward so they can reach the handlebars. They tend to ride in packs and cover great distances. Runners exercise in a much more upright position and bear their own weight the entire time. They tend to exercise in smaller groups and for shorter periods. Secondly, the cycling propulsion motion is very different from the running motion. Cyclists pedal in a circle while runners take long elliptical strides. Finally, the culture is different. Runners tend to wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes. Cyclists often wear tight apparel with cleated shoes. Large recreational cycling events tend to be without a specified mass start time, include several long rest stops and can last an entire day. Recreational running events tend to include timing chips, run-through water stations, and are of much shorter duration. Cycling and running both have their good points and bad points, ElliptiGo believe that they are significantly different, and the ElliptiGO is designed to deliver an experience that is much closer to running than to cycling.

The ElliptiGO is designed by runners as the ideal cross-training device, the ElliptiGO combines the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer to deliver a low-impact, high-performance workout outdoors. We believe it is the ideal cross-training device for healthy runners and the best replacement for running for injured runners. It delivers an exercise experience that is closer to running than anything else available today

What is the ElliptiGO?

The ElliptiGO is designed in such a way to mimic the naturally body stance with the ability on the ElliptiGo to free wheel meaning you can relax leaning on one leg then to other or both, it sounds not possible but speaking from experience after doing major distance events up to 400 km (248 miles) 25 hours in one go, you think it not possible but not sitting down was not a problem I also at end of events did not have sore bum or problems standing up straight

How can you ride without a seat?

Who is the ElliptiGO?

Although the ElliptiGO was designed in particular for cross-training and injured runners, most customers are not runners, they are people who want a comfortable, fun, efficient, low-impact, and weight-bearing exercise that they can enjoy outdoors. The ElliptiGO delivers on each of these conditions in a way that no other device can. Elliptical biking has proven to be an effective way to build cardiovascular fitness without aggravating injuries, and a great alternative for people who can no longer run because of degenerative conditions. As a result, our customers range from Olympians and elite athletes to recreational fitness enthusiasts just looking to get in shape.